Below is a sample of clips I have written at different publications over the past couple of years.

MU graduate students fight for rights

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In August of 2015, the MU graduate students made headlines after the university decided to change their health insurance plans. Starting in November 2015, I contacted graduate students and faculty around the university to understand the issues and find out how the universities decision impacted their lives. After months of research, hours upon hours of recorded interviews and 3,000+ words, I had my feature story for Vox Magazine that was published on Feb. 25, 2016.

Q&A with MU’s former student body president

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Payton Head made headlines after publicizing his opinion on an encounter he had while on campus. He agreed to sit down with me to discuss is values, what he hopes for the university and what changes need to be made for an article in Vox Magazine.

Made in Shoreditch magazine

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Through the University of Missouri School of Journalism study abroad program in London, I received an internship at Made in Shoreditch magazine for three months over the summer of 2016. For the magazine, I published ten clips a week about art, cultural events and food around London and other areas of the world. For more examples of my work click here.