The search begins…

Spring semester for a senior college student is a stressful time. Not only do you have to attempt to pass all of your classes in order to reach that graduation day, but you have to start the (depressing) search for a job. This is especially difficult for journalism majors, in my opinion, because most publications and companies have open position that they want to fill right away. Most job descriptions end with “May 2017 graduates will not be considered for this position.”

This is discouraging especially when you surround yourself with business majors among others that will hire up to six months before the graduation date because they know they will have open positions to fill.

Am I taking a moment to vent? You best believe.

I do not regret my major. What I regret is some of the steps I took to prepare myself for the real world. I keep thinking to myself if I had fought harder for that one internship that one summer or if I had pushed myself to write more maybe I wouldn’t be in this position. But the fact of the matter is that it is becoming more and more normal for college graduates to end their college careers without a job. Is it ideal? Absolutely not. But some places, I am looking at you New York City, want to see a graduate move there before considering hiring them.

So if you have a position open, preferably with a magazine dealing with social media or editorial content (both print and digital), hit me up. Seriously. Facebook message me, Linkedin DM me, or send me a snapchat if you think that is sufficient. Right now I am keeping my options open for anything that will help me gain experience.


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