From pitch to print

The first weeks as a print editor for Vox Magazine were great, don’t get me wrong. But it was the best when one of my stories finally hit the paper.

I pitched my seasonal brews the first week of school, which seems likes decades ago instead of only a short month since conception. Since then, I travelled around Columbia to get brewers as sources, I collected an insane amount of beer for a photo shoot and tasted plenty of beer along the way.

The story was a whirlwind of staying up late to edit, watching a photographer take down and build up a studio multiple times before he could get the perfect shot, and seeing a multitude of breweries that Columbia has to offer. Am I proud of the ending result of this story? You best believe it.

No one when they read it will understand what it took to get to this moment, but I will. And at the end of the day that is all that matters. What is important is for the reader to see how beautiful and informative it looks on the page. They don’t need to know that I went to multiple stores just to find hops, wheat and barley for the shoot.

Alas, here is the final product of my first story from pitch to print as an editor. Enjoy and maybe sip on some delicious brews while you read.


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